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window burglar barsThese days, one of the major problems faced by people is vandalism of property. It results in breakage of windows in many areas, be it office or school windows, smashed windows of shops etc. Whenever vandalism takes place, the end result is a lot of inconvenience and cost. The damage can also be repeated. Therefore, it is very important to utilize a window security guard service and protect your windows against vandalism.

Many people still use the traditional method to prevent window breakage. In this method, the windows are protected by fitting different shutters on them. These shutters are quite expensive. In fact, their maintenance cost is also very high. They also do not look attractive and aesthetic. That is why, many local authorities need a planning application prior to their installation. Wire mesh screens can also be used to protect the windows. However, this method is ineffective.

You must choose a window security provider very carefully. He should offer an exclusive range of window security items that can protect your doors and windows effectively. These items must be supplied at trade prices. They should look aesthetic and be cost effective.

While looking for an effective window security service, you must check that it offers the below mentioned products.

Vandal Shield

Vandal shields are made of 2mm thick perforated steel mesh screen and placed in an aluminum frame. They are cost effective and require very less maintenance. They can function well in any kind of weather. They have a long life and can also be installed easily. Your windows will be protected by the shield against bricks, stones or any such material.

Security Shield

Security shields are usually used in commercial, public or retail sector. They act as a protective guard and save the windows from any kind of breakage. With a lattice appearance, they are made primarily of steel. A rivetless system is used in the shields to improve their appearance as well as strength. 60% of light is allowed through the shield.

Clear Vandal Shield

Clear Vandal Shield is an expanding grille. It does not require any top or bottom fixings. It is a perfect window security item for retail shops. The grilles are made of steel and have square steel lattice sections. High tensile revits are used to connect these sections together. With a UV protection, this shield does not turn yellow. It gives an effective service for a longer period of time.

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