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We are burglar bars company in Johannesburg. Many people in South Africa today remain complacent about security and end up being surprised by criminals inside their homes or businesses. We believe that one of the foremost means of remaining safe is good-quality security gates and that is exactly why we are flexible with price and reasonably affordable, just call us today for a free quote.

Criminals are always coming up with new ways in which to gain access to premises, relieve us of our prized possessions and to con us out of our hard-earned money. It is really quite astonishing to see the tricks and techniques they deploy to commit crime, so we aim to complete your job in 24 hours depending on the task. That way you and your family can be protected.

One of the most common crimes in the country remains burglary, and one of the craftiest of all criminals remains the burglar – because he is largely an opportunist and opportunists, like a sly fox, have to wait for just the right moment to get in and get out with the spoils.

Every second counts for a burglar, which is why you need to ensure that he runs out of time, gives up and moves on to more easy pickings. Burglars prefer flimsy windows and doors security gates, unlocked doors and unprotected windows.

Consider the benefit of security gates, such as expandable barrier gates. These are a non-invasive form of securing your home and can be applied in many areas, such as entrance doors, passage doors, patio doors and windows. While you can’t wrap your entire home from roof to floor in burglar proofing (unfortunately), an expandable barrier gate does allow you to create a safety zone for your family, by dividing certain areas of the home.

What better peace of mind than to be able to take an afternoon nap on the weekend while nobody else is home behind the safety of a security gate which separates your bedroom from the rest of the house.

We are here to help keep you safe.

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How safe is your home?

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